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Yoran Nap

Currently a senior designer @storbie in Wellington, NZ. You can contact me at yoran.nap@gmail.com and connect with me on @linkedin

I started my journey back in 2014, messing around with Photoshop, designing album art for up-and-coming Soundcloud artists. I loved it and transitioned into part-time freelance work while studying Visual Communication at Yoobee School of Design in Christchurch back in 2017.

After graduating, I jumped into freelance work - designing a range of websites, branding identities, graphics and animations full-time for 2.5 years before joining the team at Storbie in Wellington. At Storbie, I have contributed to the redesign of storbie.com, created a virtual studio, helped redefine the brand, and led the product design of many new features among other projects.

In my spare time, I love working on passion projects like the Red Panda project and still take on freelance projects whenever I can. I am also passionate about music production, cooking, front-end development, reading and hanging out with my partner. Working together within a team and focusing on creating the best possible product for the user is where I thrive.

Feel free to get in touch; Iā€™m always keen for a chat!

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